The success of our students in this very rigorous academic environment depends on many things including careful placement. We try to intiate that success by meeting individually with parents and students to insure proper placement, verify completion of prerequisites, and communicate expectations.

2024-25 General Registration Process

Family Registration Fee: This is a non-refundable annual fee for each family that helps cover our administrative costs.

Collegium Family Re-enrollment:
through February 1st — $225

Open Enrollment:
After February 1st — $300

Please make checks payable to ECA and mail checks to:

ECA/Collegium Study Center
ECA Business Office
4052 Nonchalant Circle South
Colorado Springs, CO 80917

Enrollment & Tuition

Once your Family Registration Fee is paid, you will be able to enroll in classes.

Late Payment Fee:
Tuition for the 1st Semester must be paid in full, or a payment plan must be arranged with the business office, by the first day of class. A late fee of $100 will be added to tuition payments made after classes begin.

Adding or Dropping Classes:

Elective classes may be added or dropped within the first five class days of each semester.  AFTER five class days, tuition will not be refunded for dropped classes. Tuition adjustments will be made for any added classes and must be paid upon enrollment.

Student Withdrawal Process:

Should a change in circumstances necessitate retracting your child’s enrollment after July 31, please contact the Collegium Director. An exit interview may be requested. Please note, formally withdrawing does not completely release you from the contractual agreement established between you and Collegium Study Center. Withdrawal after July 31 will incur a fee of 50% tuition for each registered student.